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Monday, July 03, 2006

AYP Shapes Politics

What a great article I read today: July 03, 2006

Atlantic Yards, Still but a Plan,
Shapes Politics in Brooklyn
The NY Times
By Nick Confessore

What would make anyone think other than the fact that the Atlantic Yards Project would shape politics in Brooklyn especially with the opposition making sure that this project is kept in the press daily and the only issue to speak about these days. Keeping this project in the public eye daily and the number one priority is a benefit in its own weird way. Community Average Folk thank you for that.

Many people had and still do have some reservations about this massive development, including Roger Green and those eight signatories that sat at the table instead of sitting this one out... they made a good choice. The CBA is not the one from California; it was written for Brooklyn, USA. It is historic! Agree with it or disagree with is a historic document! After this project all politicians will go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate their positions in the community. The community is not sleeping on this one huge massive development nor ignoring the lack of support of their local elected officials. The community also sees that opposing this project was the only important item on their local elected officials’ agendas, overlooking the Community-at-Large.

For those who sleep on this one...Community Average Folk know who you are and what you did not do for Community Average Folk. You had an opportunity to negotiate on behalf of the community, express your opinion, and be on the inside, but they decided to sit this one out and ignore the Community Average Folk.

The next elections will be interesting…

Touché Community Average Folk you are two up…


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